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Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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Replace one-time use dryer sheets and chemical-filled fabric softener with these 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls. Simply toss them in your dryer with your wet clothes and they'll gently tumble to soften and fluff your laundry. The movements helps separate your fabrics allowing heat to flow better, thus, reducing wrinkles, static and shortening drying time by 20% - 40%

Wool dryer balls can be used for over 1000 loads (that's 2 - 4 years depending on how often you do laundry)! One set of 6 dryer balls can replace up to 30 bottles worth of fabric softener and 2000 dryer sheets!  For scented laundry, add a few drops of essential oils directly to your dryer balls. Make your laundry a little brighter and a whole lot more sustainable with these eco dryer balls. 

Mix and match from our cute designs to make a 3 pack ($18) or a 6 pack ($32). We recommend a 6 pack for best results. 

Why we love these: These wool dryer balls are all natural and gentle on clothes, humans and the environment. In addition, they help sustain Nepalese artisans who hand mold and stitch these dryer balls. They're paid fair wages and have clean, safe and ethical working environments. Plus, these are just so cute!! (we love cute things)

How to dispose: You'll need to replace your eco dryer balls when the felt starts to loosen up and they become larger and softer. You can repurpose these as dog/cat toys, or add some essential oils and reuse as fabric softener for drawers and closets. At end of life, these are compostable as they're made with just 100% wool.

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