Buying refills

How does ordering refills online work?

We use clean and sanitized reused plastic bottles and refill with the products you order. The refill amounts are predetermined: 10oz, 16oz, 32oz or 128oz (1 gallon). To recover some of the cleaning and sanitization of the bottles, we charge $0.99 for each reused bottle (just like at our store). 

Returning bottles: If you would like to return the empty plastic bottles so they can be put back into reuse, please bring them to us at any of our markets. If this is not possible for you, we kindly ask that you find another use for them or recycle them after cleaning them. We realize this is not ideal as you would like to reuse and refill those bottles with us again and again, however, we do not have a way to collect empty containers from each customers' home. 

If you wish to send us back the clean empty bottles via postal mail, please contact us at Please note we are NOT able to cover the mailing cost, it would have to be paid for on your end. 

We know this is not exactly a closed loop system. After analyzing various alternatives, we landed on this option because by reusing bottles we've collected from customers, we are not introducing new plastic into our system, making use of something that's already in existence while making it possible for you to order refills online at an affordable price.  

How refill works in-person

Bring your own containers to refill or use one of ours. We provide new glass bottles and jars, or reused bottles and containers that have been clean and sanitized with rubbing alcohol. 

If your container had food or any kind of drink previously, please thoroughly wash your container with soap and water and sanitize it with household rubbing alcohol so you don't end up with food particles in your refill products.