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Soap Lift - Diatomite

Soap Lift - Diatomite

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These quick drying stone soap dishes can absorb 150% of its weight in moisture, dry in a matter of seconds, and prevent microbial growth. They're made from diatomaceous clay (sand derived from fossilized algae), which makes them naturally antimicrobial and mildew resists, thus helping extend the life of your soap. 

Size: 3"x5"

Materialdiatomaceous clay (sand derived from fossilized algae); a completely renewable and natural resource.


Care Instructions: For typical use, you can use water and gently rinse and scrub soap scum off with a sponge or brush. For a deeper clean, soak in a little vinegar and baking soda and let dry in the sun (with the baking soda still on), then wipe clean. To renew the whole surface, you can use a thin grit sandpaper and sand a thin layer on top to refresh the absorbency.

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