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Silicone Bowl Covers 6-Pack

Silicone Bowl Covers 6-Pack

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Plastic cling wrap can be replaced by these stretchy silicone bowl covers. They're reusable, durable and can help cover and store cooked food, fruit, salads, sauces, as well as drinks like coffee, tea, juice and more.

Silicone is durable and resistant to low and high temperatures (up to 450F), and thanks to their stretchable material, the covers will easily fit containers of all shapes, sizes, and materials, including bowls, pots, mugs, cups, cans, jars, Tupperware and you can even use them to cover your half-cut melons, fruit, or vegetables.

The pack contains 6 round silicone covers in various sizes: (diameter) 2.6," 3.7," 4.5," 5.7," 6.5," and 8.3." 

Why we love this: These reusable silicone covers are the best alternative we've found to plastic cling wraps, they're easy to use and can cover, mess-free, almost any kind of container, far outperforming one-time use cling wraps that are irritating to pull out and don't stick well to plastic and metal. 

Material: 100% BPA-free, food grade silicone.

Use & Care Instructions: When covering containers, make sure your hands, the outer edge of the object and the silicone covers are completely dry to avoid slipping. Pull the silicone cover over the container, ensuring that the sides securely grip the object. To clean, wash with warm water and soap.

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