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Eco Greeting Card - Plantable & Plastic Free

Eco Greeting Card - Plantable & Plastic Free

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Sending greeting cards to show you care is great, but killing trees to make greeting cards is not great. These greeting cards from Thoughtful Human are made with 100% post-consumer paper (ie. used paper), and contain 6 types of wildflower seeds, so your recipient can plant the card and have a beautiful pot of flowers in addition to your loving sentiments!

All cards are blank inside. Mix and match any two cards for $12! (Discount applied automatically at checkout)

Planting these cards is easy! Instructions can be found here.

Why we love these: In addition to being tree & plastic free (they're shipped to us without any plastic packaging), we love that the company promotes and provides resources for mental health, like one month free of online therapy. 

Materials: Cards made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials collected from schools and businesses (no trees harmed in the making!). Designs printed with water-based inks (~80%); the remainder of the ink is pigments, which are tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure they do not leave harmful residues in the soil. Non-GMO seeds of 6 different types of wildflowers:

  • Bird's Eye - Annual
  • Clarkia - Annual
  • Black Eyed Susan - Perennial
  • Catchfly - Annual
  • Snapdragon - Annual
  • Sweet Alyssum - Annual

Envelopes are made with 100% recycled kraft paper (50% post consumer waste).

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