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Natural Scrub Brush

Natural Scrub Brush

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This sustainable swap helps you replace steel wool or plastic pot scrubbers in the kitchen or for general household cleaning.  Stiff but malleable bristles especially designed to handle heavy duty cleaning; ideal for scrubbing stuck on food, cast iron pans, removing labels from jars, tub and shower build-up, etc. Works on a variety of surfaces (not recommended for delicate surfaces like non-stick pans).

Care Instructions: Let air dry with bristles facing down or hang to dry in between uses. Never leave submerged in water as the wood absorbs water and can expand or crack, causing the bristles to fall out. If you need to disinfect your brush, clean bristles with vinegar to kill bacteria. Brush should last 3-6 months, depending on use.

Materials: Bamboo handle (bamboo uses 1/3 less water vs. other trees and is less likely to crack); plant fiber bristles - mixture of palm and sisal (agave plant). Comes with twine loop for hanging. 

How to Dispose: Can be demoted to household cleaning; compost at end of life (might take a while to biodegrade in the compost as large pieces take longer to break down - cut/chop up handle to speed compost process).

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