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Everything Stick

Everything Stick

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The Everything Stick is made for every part of your body
that needs some extra love and attention, including your eyes, face, and lips. 

This solid balm's natural formula is packed with a powerful blend of 7 antioxidant-rich natural oils that work in layers to generate healthy, happy, youthful-looking skin.

So, whether you’re looking to protect your skin from cold winds during a winter ski adventure, stay moisturized after a day of lounging on the beach, or heal everyday scrapes and cuts, this all-natural multipurpose stick has you covered.

Why we love this: one superb product for multiple parts of your body, plus it comes plastic-free, biodegradable packaging

Ingredients: Vitamin E oil, shea butter, and cacao butter penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate moisturizing hydration and skin regeneration for smooth, plump skin. And while marula, olive, and rosehip oils combat acne and stave off wrinkles, candelilla wax and jojoba oil create a luxuriously silky layer over the skin to protect it against harmful irritants. The combination of these ingredients will leave you with a non-greasy, radiant glow.

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