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Chopsticks - Compact for Travel

Chopsticks - Compact for Travel

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These portable stainless steel chopsticks are great for on the go! Each chopstick unscrews into two pieces and screws together in the middle for easy transport. Comes in an easy to carry cotton pouch. 

The problem with disposable chopsticks is two-fold. One, they are mostly made from virgin trees (new trees killed) - just to be thrown out after one use. Two, harmful chemicals like bleach and sulfur dioxide are used in the processing of these products; all of these harsh chemicals can leach out when eating with disposable chopsticks, especially when dipped into hot liquids and foods. 

For your health that the health of the planet, switch to a pair of reusable, metal chopstick. Pair with our Collapsible Straw & Cutlery Kit for the complete travel set! 

Material: Food grade stainless steel with an organic cotton travel pouch. 

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