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These are services and resources are primarily focused on the Dallas metro area

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Refill Store Directory (US)

Directory of refill shops in the US by state
By The Eco-Minimalist

DFW Composting Services

Turn Compost - Our preferred composting partner. They offer various subscription options for residential composting services as well as composting for businesses & events
Recycle Revolution - Residential & Business composting
Cowboy Compost - Fort Worth

ShareWaste - an app that connects people who wish to compost with those who are composting

DFW Recycling Services

Recycle Revolution - Our preferred recycling partner. They offer individuals and households in DFW free recycling collection of common materials including paper/cardboard, glass, metal/aluminum, and most plastics. They also accept HArM (Hard to Recycle Materials) such as light bulbs, batteries, CD/DVD, cartridges, etc., for a reasonable fee.

Green Banking

"7 B Corp certified green banks (So you can match your money with your values)"

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