Meet Paloma & Kat

Meet Paloma & Kat
Meet my very first customers!

When I first put up my refill station at the Dallas Farmers Market in late 2020, I had no idea if I would get any customers. Asking people to trust me, a complete stranger, and take a chance on new products is asking a lot. Paloma and Kat came along and took that chance with my little refill stand and they have been faithful Refill Champs ever since.

Kat shared with me that her mom always instilled recycling and caring for the environment as she was growing up, and after doing research on zero waste she was ready to take it further. She and her partner Paloma had been getting refills from a California business, but refilling locally cuts down on a lot of the transport carbon footprint.

Kat also says, "We are getting closer and closer to reusing and reducing our plastic use as much as possible. We refill all the products we can and try to use glass or paper alternatives where possible. We have been composting as well! Going zero waste is very challenging currently, but any steps help. This is just one step in the right direction." To date, they have prevented over 40 plastic bottles from going into landfills!
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