Meet Sofi and Karly

Meet Sofi and Karly

Sofi and Karly found out about our refill shop through their friend Allie, and since they started refilling in March of 2022, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Sofi and Karly and share in their sustainability journey. They said "the use of one-time-use plastic bottles has bothered us for some time. There aren't a lot of options to reuse them, so we were excited about being able to reuse and refill the plastic bottles we already have. It's great to not be forced to buy yet another plastic bottle."


In just a year and a half, they’ve reused their bottles multiple times and prevented 40 plastic bottles from becoming trash in our landfills and oceans. Sofi and Karli, you’re doing a lot more than you think in protecting our Mother Earth!

Some advice Sofi would share with others is this: "it only takes a little bit of planning and coordination to make a positive impact in our environment. We can't get away from using plastic, but we all can do our part to reuse, refill and support a local business. It's a double win!" 

Sofi and Karly, thank you so much for being amazing Refill Champs and for supporting usefull. And congrats on your recent wedding celebration! 

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