Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer
Jennifer is not only one of our wonderful Refill Champs, she is also a multifaceted realtor, urban gardener, and volunteer extraordinaire who also works for our wonderful partners, Turn compost. Jennifer shared this with us:

"The amount of waste we generate, as a species, is frightening. I refill to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in our household. Ethics are at the core of my actions. Veganism, composting, refilling, are simple and immediate steps we can take to help our environment and our society.

I used to love to eat steak, foie gras, seafood, eggs, dairy, and no dish was too exotic. I also wore leather, wool, silk, down and shearling unapologetically. Once I chose to learn the truth about how we exploit sentient beings, how cruel our practices are to animals and to the humans we pay to abuse and slaughter them, how harmful our actions are to our environment, it was a no brainer to go vegan.

There are so many causes I'm passionate about. For local organizations, I support them through volunteering and highlighting their efforts whenever I can. It the organization is international, I send support through a donation."
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