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Loofah Shower Pad

Loofah Shower Pad

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Replace plastic shower puffs once and for all with this natural shower loofah for a great exfoliating wash. It's plastic-free so you're not sending microplastics down the drain and it will last you much longer than those bacteria-accumulating shower puffs. This Loofah Shower Pad is also more gentle than raw loofah and comes with a loop to be hang-dried. 

Use and care instructions: Simply wet or soak in water to soften, and lather up with your favorite soap bar or shower gel. Hang to dry between use. Easily disinfected by soaking for 5-10 minutes in boiling water. 

Materials: Loofah, cotton, cotton/elastic mix for the strap. 

Disposal: Cut up the pad to separate the two layers, the loofah layer and cotton layer (the side with the elastic strap). The loofah layer can be composted. The cotton layer along with the elastic and side stitchings should be thrown into the garbage (although these are made primarily with cotton, cotton takes a much longer time to biodegrade and is not recommended to be mixed with the rest of the compost)

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