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After Sun Salve

After Sun Salve

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For those days after a day in the sun, you're gonna want to rehydrate and replenish your skin with this amazing salve. Made with a careful selection of all-natural healing botanicals, including the renowned Naupaka and Olena (Turmeric) infused olive oil, this salve works wonder for your skin.

Derived from the native Hawaiian plant, Naupaka, which has long been revered for its remarkable healing properties in treating cuts, rashes, and stings, this salve brings nature's soothing touch to your skin.

With its effortless application, this salve offers an array of benefits. It not only nourishes and rehydrates sun-kissed skin, but also proves effective for chapped lips, minor cuts, and the irritating rashes often experienced by board enthusiasts and runners. Bring healing comfort and nourishing relief to your skin without the plastic packaging. 

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil infused with Naupaka & Olena (turmeric), Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Local Eucalyptus and Vitamin E Oils

Why we love this: We found this salve to be better than Aloe Vera to sooth sunburns, and for minor cuts and scrapes, applying this salve really helps the skin heal better and reduce scaring marks. This is our absolute go to for any skin healing needs!  

Application: Apply to nourish and rehydrate sun-exposed skin, or directly on minor cuts and scrapes (it will not sting)

Quantity: 2oz

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