Meet Michelle & Jason

Meet Michelle & Jason

Meet Refill Champs Michelle and Jason, who started refilling with us in November of 2020, our first month in business back then! They are big supporters of small, local businesses and we always love seeing them.

Michelle says, "When I was in college I lived next to a co-op and learned about buying organic, in bulk, and refilling. Since then, I've always saved jars, containers, bags, etc. for reuse and upcycling. I try to miniize my impact on the planet in whatever small ways I can, and Jason is forced to tag along!"

I’m also fascinated because Michelle is an actual real archeologist! I asked Michelle to share something interesting from her work as an archeologist:

“I’ve been fortunate to work in Guatemala at an ancient Maya site called El Peru-Waka’. We’ve made some amazing discoveries while excavating the monumental pyramids and other buildings, but the most interesting aspect of it to me is gaining an understanding of how ancient peoples coped with the same kinds of challenges we face today: climate change, political strife, access to resources. The past provides poignant —and also contradictory—lessons underscoring human resilience, while also reminding us of the frailty of civilizations.”

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